“I’m Here and I’m Ready!
Unleashing your Potential!”

by John J. Pelizza, Ph.D.

This session will help participants unleash their potential. Participants will learn how to focus on what is really important in their personal, family and work lives. Dr. Pelizza will share his passion, knowledge and insights as they relate to peak performance. The application of these concepts will give you instant direction and balance. The following content areas will be covered with practical strategies for unleashing human potential.

Change . . . Bring it On

Creating Abundant Energy

It’s Important to Care

Choose to Hang in There

The Power of Conditioning

Thoughts are Everything

It’s “Just the Way I Am”

It’s all Interpretation

It’s a “Thinking” Thing

The Magic of “Better”


“The Power of Motivation -
It makes a difference”

by John J. Pelizza, Ph.D.

Dr. Pelizza will share humorous stories and principles that will illustrate how “jumping out of the box” can create joy and zest for living even when the world around us is filled with negatives. Dr. Pelizza will also reveal how to cultivate a thinking pattern that will keep you motivated for a lifetime.

Participants will learn how to:

Motivate themselves and others to take action

Use power pictures for long term motivation

  1. Apply the principle of action and closure

  2. Create a positive self-image

Use intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Use “The Big Secret” to create courage and confidence

Not fear failure

Recognize and apply the single most important factor in motivation

Use five motivating principles of human behavior

“8 Mental Thoughts 
to Live and Work By”

by John J. Pelizza, Ph.D.

Mixing personal insights, humorous stories and scientific mental technologies, John will share the “8 Mental Thoughts” from his latest book, A Journal to Live By. He will also present the latest research that clearly supports the use of “journaling” as a strategy to improve work and life performance. 

Attendees will learn how to apply the following eight mental thoughts to live and work by:

  1. Set goals that are Emotional and Personal!

  2. Jump out of your box!

  3. Take action!

  4. Thoughts are Everything!

  5. It’s all Interpretation!

  6. Change before you have to!

  7. Make it better!

  8. Dance with your Work


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