“Keys to Physical 
and Mental Wellness”

by John J. Pelizza, Ph.D.

Would you like to increase your physical and mental wellness? Of course you would. Mixing personal insights, health related examples and the latest mental technologies; John will identify and demonstrate strategies to enhance your physical and mental wellness at any age. These strategies are simple to incorporate into your lifestyle and will add years to the quality of your life. Always remember – real success is built on physical and mental wellness.

Attendees will learn:

The 3-minute cure for tension headaches

The simple truth about back pain and how to avoid it

Five immune boosters to reduce cancer and heart disease

The importance of cyberphysiology as it relates to their health and business performance

A simple relaxation technique that works every time

How to incorporate NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for better business performance

How to increase their energy levels by applying the Principle of Discovery

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