“Laser Selling”

by John J. Pelizza, Ph.D.

This session will show participants how to increase their sales. Participants will learn fundamental selling principles that are based on human behavior to improve their performance. Keys to staying motivated, as a sales person will also be demonstrated. Finally, the constructive nature of change and how this can lead to improved sales will be discussed.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Recognize the most important factor in selling

  2. Use the Principle of E/P which drives behavior

  3. Apply the Principle of Discovery to create personal energy

  4. Execute the Principle of Closure

  5. Sell your ideas and services

  6. Use the Principle of 212

  7. “Never say no for the other person”

  8. Use NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to improve sales

  9. Use reinforcement principles to increase sales

  10. Use key words that generate more sales

  11. Use the Principle of CMS

  12. Use “journaling” to increase sales

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